Behind Every Grind, There's A Story

by Thomas Wilson

What do you grind for?

Each day you get up, go out, and make things happen. You're working towards a specific endgame you've set your sights on.

The road is sometimes tedious, sometimes strenuous, and sometimes riddled with failure. But you keep pressing forward and dare not quit – because you have a WHY. Your "why" is the passion that fuels you. Some think you're merely gritty. Others believe you were born strong-minded. What they may not realize is that behind every grind, there's a story!

MKEGRIND started by teaching entrepreneurship to youth and young adults six years ago. Now welcome to the new MKEGRIND. We are creating products that "tell the story" of striving towards aspiration and purpose. We want people wearing MKEGRIND products to feel empowered by their "why" and be encouraged to keep grinding towards their goals.

***Update 2/5/22***

We're back at it!! MKEGRIND Entrepreneurship Workshops are now available!

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