Entrepreneurship 101 Workshops

Our Entrepreneurship 101 Workshops are designed to help individuals develop the foundational skills necessary to becoming an entrepreneur. Workshops can be requested separately and/or adapted for your organization’s unique needs.


You’ll learn how to:


  • Identify Your Entrepreneurial Persona
  • Develop a Business Model
  • Develop Your Brand
  • Tell the Story of Your Brand


What you’ll get:


  Access to one-on-one mentorship and support.


  Download the Entrepreneurship 101 Workbooks


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    MKEGrind has been instrumental to the improvement of the entrepreneurship unit of Teens Grow Greens. The curriculum helped the Teens break down the complex factors that go into making a product and the support and education provided by Sylvia and Thomas spurred the development of the skills needed to be successful. Teens Grow Greens is a proud partner of MKEGrind because Sylvia and Thomas are able to model and teach what it means to be an entrepreneur in a way that is hands-on and accessible for teenagers.

    - Charlie Uihlein, Executive Director - Teens Grow Greens

    Kingdom Prep Lutheran High School has been working with MKEGrind to create a Career Development Program for the young men we'll be serving. Their high-level insights and expertise about career development and working within the urban context have been invaluable. MKEGrind has an innovative edge; along with a focus on whole-person development and passion that has been vitally important as we continue to build our career program plan. Sylvia and Thomas have been so much more than just talented consultants for Kingdom Prep. They have enlightened our vision and inspired our teams to dream much bigger than what we thought was possible.

    - Kevin Festerling, Founding Leader - Kingdom Prep Lutheran High School