• Curriculum Design & Development

    Have a skill-building lesson idea, but don't have time to design it?

    We can utilize your ideas to design a curriculum that's aligned with your organizational goals and objectives, includes quantitative and qualitative targets for learning, and has scaffolded lessons to build upon skills. We'll also propose assessment tools to ensure learning impact. Don't have time to fully develop your lessons and activities? We've got your back!

  • Program Design & Development

    Have an idea for a program but don't know where to start?

    Our team can walk you through further understanding the problem your proposed program addresses, selecting desired outcomes, and assessing current resources. We will help you design an effective and robust program. Need guidance with program implementation and evaluation? We can help!

  • Apprenticeship Certification Preparation

    Have a current or developing job training program that you'd like to get certified through the Department of Workforce Development?

    Not sure if Certified Pre-Apprenticeship or Certified Registered Apprenticeship are right for your organization or business? We can help you understand the pros and cons of each certification, decide which is the best fit for your training program, and help you develop your application for submission to DWD.


We can help you start, develop, and expand a highly impactful and meaningful program.

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MKEGrind has been instrumental to the improvement of the entrepreneurship unit of Teens Grow Greens. The curriculum helped the Teens break down the complex factors that go into making a product and the support and education provided by Sylvia and Thomas spurred the development of the skills needed to be successful. Teens Grow Greens is a proud partner of MKEGrind because Sylvia and Thomas are able to model and teach what it means to be an entrepreneur in a way that is hands-on and accessible for teenagers.

- Charlie Uihlein, Executive Director - Teens Grow Greens

Kingdom Prep Lutheran High School has been working with MKEGrind to create a Career Development Program for the young men we'll be serving. Their high-level insights and expertise about career development and working within the urban context have been invaluable. MKEGrind has an innovative edge; along with a focus on whole-person development and passion that has been vitally important as we continue to build our career program plan. Sylvia and Thomas have been so much more than just talented consultants for Kingdom Prep. They have enlightened our vision and inspired our teams to dream much bigger than what we thought was possible.

- Kevin Festerling, Founding Leader - Kingdom Prep Lutheran High School