With over 20 years of experience developing community, higher education, and employability programs, MKEGRIND™ understands the dynamics of creating effective programming for diverse populations.

We have expertise in urban education, program planning and design, working with vulnerable populations, career development, and entrepreneurship.

The human growth and development of individuals is at the heart of all we do. We engage in continual research to ensure that the best, people-centered practices are being utilized in all of our work.

The Store

MKEGRIND™ has always been about human development and entrepreneurship. We look to express our views to the world through our fashion collections, projects, and about our communities' narratives and the future of work. 

A portion of the proceeds from our products goes toward providing learning opportunities for local youth who would, otherwise, not be able to afford our services.

Our Values

We value people...their unique design...their ability to create.
We believe that each individual, pressing towards self-actualization, contributes to the optimization of resources that can eventually create a synergistically interacting community. In other words, the holistic development of people is what leads to the transformation of communities, systems, & society.
Therefore, we believe that career development should focus on strengthening the whole person.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create entrepreneurship and human development education programs that help solve community-wide challenges.

Our Vision

Humans living fully in their power to BE and BECOME.


MKEGrind has been instrumental to the improvement of the entrepreneurship unit of Teens Grow Greens. The curriculum helped the Teens break down the complex factors that go into making a product and the support and education provided by Sylvia and Thomas spurred the development of the skills needed to be successful. Teens Grow Greens is a proud partner of MKEGrind because Sylvia and Thomas are able to model and teach what it means to be an entrepreneur in a way that is hands-on and accessible for teenagers.

- Charlie Uihlein, Executive Director - Teens Grow Greens

Kingdom Prep Lutheran High School has been working with MKEGrind to create a Career Development Program for the young men we'll be serving. Their high-level insights and expertise about career development and working within the urban context have been invaluable. MKEGrind has an innovative edge; along with a focus on whole-person development and passion that has been vitally important as we continue to build our career program plan. Sylvia and Thomas have been so much more than just talented consultants for Kingdom Prep. They have enlightened our vision and inspired our teams to dream much bigger than what we thought was possible.

- Kevin Festerling, Founding Leader - Kingdom Prep Lutheran High School