Dr. Sylvia N. Wilson - Co-founder & CEO

1. Connectedness 2. Strategic 3. Intellection 4. Learner 5. Relator

My top strength of connectedness allows me to relate to and empathize with our clients authentically. I build trusting relationships that help clients feel secure opening up. Connectedness also enables me to zoom in and out of a system, seeing the interconnectedness of micro and macro structures. As a strategic thinker, I can see the big picture and create customized plans to help clients achieve their goals. Intellection helps me continually research and integrate proven techniques into our coaching. As a learner, I constantly improve myself to serve our clients better. My strength as a relator makes clients feel genuinely cared for, which is crucial for making meaningful progress in our work. These natural strengths allow me to connect with clients, understand their needs, create strategic plans, and guide them to transformative growth.

Thomas Wilson - Co-founder & CCO

1. Futuristic 2. Ideation 3. Intellection 4. Connectedness 5. Strategic

With futuristic as a top strength, I can envision the potential of our clients and their companies. This insight inspires people about what's possible. My futuristic abilities also allow me to anticipate future technological trends, foreseeing the need to shift processes to remain relevant and sustainable. My ideation strength enables me to generate innovative ideas to enhance programs and services. Intellection means I'm committed to researching leading techniques to integrate into our coaching. My connectedness helps build trusted relationships with clients. As a strategic thinker, I can develop plans to bring visions to life. These strengths enable me to be forward-thinking, creative, knowledgeable, relatable, and growth-focused. Our clients benefit enormously from my ability to inspire new perspectives, create solutions, and strategize for the future. This gift makes a tremendous difference in our mission to guide people to their highest potential.